Thanksgiving Playlist Bandita Booty

BanditBootyAmy Conley

You’re the winner of the Thanksgiving Playlist blog and a copy of DEATH IN A TURKEY TOWN by Melanie Jackson (It just seemed so appropriate).  Please go to and send me your contact information – or the contact information of someone you’d like to receive this book instead 🙂  

Congratulations and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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  • Amy Conley says:

    thank you Donna I will go and do that. And I’m sorry I didn’t think of it sooner but I could have given you at least the list of songs that was on that cassette from the Waltons so you have some songs to choose from for your own Thanksgiving Day playlist. And now I’m not home and I can’t get the cassette.

    • Amy Conley says:

      Sorry I forgot to mention but I should be on your contact list on your page. but I will re add it just in case. and happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. And thank you again. Amy