The Art Gallery Walk…in my home

Welcome to my home! As many of you know both my daughters are artists.Today I’d like to show you what my family and I get to enjoy on a daily basis. It means, lucky me, my home is filled with rather unique artwork.(Please excuse all flashes from my camera.)

The first thing I want to show you is the wonderful presents I got for Christmas. On the left is the framed poster of HUNTED’s cover and on the right is KIDNAPPED. Lyndsey made these for me. You can’t read them, but scattered over the covers are quotes from the reviews both books received on Amazon. In fact, right above HUNTED on the right side of the picture is one from someone you all know, our own HELEN! How cool is this. Both of these are going to hang in my office where I can see them every time I enter the room. Talk about inspiration. (The photos don’t do them justcie, they are HUGE.)



Next is the lovely picture my older daughter, Alison made me for Christmas. It’s a couple in a romantic pose, surrounded by my favorite flowers, tulips. This is going in my dining room along with some lovely black and white pictures of my two granddaughters as babies. Alison did both of these, too.

Here’s another wall in my dining room. The three collages you see here were done by Lyndsey. Each picture represents one of us connected by the colors and designs on the background. The one on the left is Lyndsey, represented by her favorite flower, the daisy. I’m in the middle represented by my tulips. And Alison is on the right. Her signature flower? The rose. These were another Christmas present and I adore them!




Now let’s move into the living room. Here is an African gazelle. Isn’t it striking? Know why I love this so much? No, I don’t have a thing for long-horned goat/deer creatures. 

 This particular piece of art was made entirely with dots. I made a close up so you could see. No lines, just dots, even the background. This piece has fascinated me for years. A school project, Lyndsey even coerced her brother and best friend into helping her fill in the background dots the night before this was due. I know for a fact that buried in the background of dots are my now son-in-law’s name and the name of a boy her best friend adored back then. Haven’t been able to find them…yet!


 Also in the living room you will see this piece that Alison did. The native

 American woman gives a nod to my dual heritage, (Cherokee on both sides from my parents who lived in Tennessee). I also thought the strength and determination in her pose quite moving. This piece sits on my mantel except at Christmas.








And hanging next to the mantle is this piece of cross stitch I did years ago. It’s the only kind of art work I can manage, but it reminds me of the lovely Grandmother’s Garden quilts my own grandmother had.





Next you can see what hangs in the guest bedroom. This picture on the left was another assignment for Lyndsey. She had to take an everyday object and use it in three different ways. This was a candle and the woman, who given Lyndsey’s love of comics is a superhero, is using it as a weapon. The comic art graphics of this appeals to me and I just had to hang it.







Next to it in the same room is this piece that Lyndsey did for an art show in downtown Dallas. Again, a woman with superpowers, you can see her forming a protective shield with her hand. Her daddy loved it so much he bought it. I keep trying to get her to make me another one to go with it…but she’s a little busy these days. 🙂






 Back in my office, I thought I’d show you a couple of more pieces. This one is a poster we had Lyndsey make for a DARA function. We wanted to educate the people attending the seminar and the book signing about the important role Romances make in the publishing market place. With RWA’s permission we used facts and quotes on the poster…but in the lower left corner, that couple ALMOST touching? I use that to remind me of how sexual tension should feel. That’s from one of Lyndsey’s favorite comics, X-men. She drew her interpretation of two characters in a sensual stance…almost touching, almost kissing. Do you know which characters?





Hanging  so I can see it from my desk chair is this picture. Isn’t it beautiful? It’s a self-portrait that Lyndsey did of herself when she was about 16 or 17.  How you look into a mirror and draw yourself AND make it look exactly like you…amazes me. I have it up there to remind me, that if you concentrate long enough and hard enough you can achieve something masterful. That, and it’s just beautiful to look at!



Here are those two black ink drawings Alison did for me from when my granddaughters were babies. (I’m still waiting for the ones for my grandsons!) Now that I have that lovely couple in tulips picture to balance it out, I can get these up in my dining room. Aren’t they sweet?










And this isn’t going in my house, but was just too precious not to share. This is Alison’s daughter from a photo Lyndsey took of her coloring at my dining room table. Lyndsey drew it onto paper then with the suggestions from her own daughter added the imagination that comes from art. She even let her help color it. This was Lyndsey’s gift to her sister for Christmas. It rendered Alison speechless.


So, that’s the art gallery walk in my house. I still have a few rooms those two can fill with their collective work. I might even go through their old portfolio’s one day and find some more treasures to hang. 


How about you? Got any special photos or art pieces you love? Tell me about them. Got any special wall hangings, quilts, cross stitch pieces? Are you an artist?


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  • Jane says:

    Hi Suzanne,
    I need to get some tapestries. I don’t have much art. My aunt is a painter and my father has a few of her painting hanging in the house. She does landscapes and her husband specializes in calligraphy.

  • Kaelee says:

    I love all your art. I think pictures are a important part of life.

    My brother is an artist. He uses watercolors to make the most beautiful modern paintings. I have three of them in my living/dining room area. I also have a few pieces of his that are more traditional, one of the mountain I grew up looking at and some of flowers that I love.

    I also have three train needlepoint pictures in my hall. they were gifts to my husband from my mom, my sister and myself.

    I have lots of other stuff hung on my walls as well. There isn’t much room left for anything else.

  • Helen says:


    They are all beautiful and priceless you are very lucky to have such talented daughters. I have a few nice photos around one that is just above the PC is of my great aunts wedding and my Mum was flower girls it is very old and sepia and I love it. I also have a love framed sewing peice that Barb did for me that has lovely flowers on it and says friends are like pockets everyone needs them and I do have some lovely crocheted blankets that my Mum did for me. Other than that not a lot of artwork.
    How cool that something I put on amazon is on your wall thank you heaps I so loved all of your stories I have to read Close To Home yet and am really looking forward to it.

    Have Fun

    • Hey Helen!

      The picture of you mom as a flowergirl sounds charming. I adore old photos and sepia just makes them even more interesting, doesn’t it?

      I was so surprised that she’d added the review comments, then to find yours just really added to the gift!

  • Mary Preston says:

    My most treasured piece of art work is a small oil painting. My parents gave it to me YEARS ago. It’s of a small cove. When we were children my Father would go fishing there. We would tag along & collect shells. Our “Shell Beach” holds memories of time spent just with our Father.

    • Hey, Mary!

      What a wonderful gift and what a wonderful memory. Do you suppose your parents saw someone painting that cove and bought you the picture to remind you of the fun you had there?

  • Suz, lovely artwork. You must be so proud of your girls. And your girls must be so proud of you. How lucky you are to have all this lovely art – and your personal connection with it.

    • Hey Anna C!

      I am very proud of them. I took them to their first art gallery when we moved to Dallas and they were in high school. Their interest in art has opened my eyes to it more and more.

  • Anna Sugden says:

    Lovely art, Suz – what a talented family you have!

    My office is filled with many precious items made for me. I have things made by my nephew and niece, when they were little, my husband’s daughters (not so little!) and my sister. I also have a lovely plaque my wonderful FIL made for me, with brass letters spelling out my name. I already had the letters, but he created the plaque for them and mounted them. Then, there are three gorgeous pieces of art my BFF made from my hen weekend – stylised pics of the three girls who went. And, some beautiful scrapbook boards made by our own Blaze babe, Tawny.

  • AmyConley says:

    Those are so lovely! The picture of the woman with shield around her would make an awesome book cover. And the drawing of your grsnddaughter drawing is so over-the-top fantastic. You are blessed to have such artistic daughters, and it looks like at least one granddaughter is going to follow in those same footprints.
    I have one of those all dot pictures my daughter did wher she was about 11 or 12. These days when I try to convince her to do more art work she tells me she doesn’t have any talent. I always point to her dot picture and tell her anyone who couldvdo that has talent. Hers is a drawing of a canning jar with water and a paint brush in it. The shading and shadows blow me away.
    Personally I have zero artistic ability. I even had an art teacher tell me I was the worst person she’d ever had in any of her classes. I was 11 or 12 at the time and IT remember how humiliated I was. What made it even worse was the fact she was our neighbor and made a special effort to tell my parents, both of whom had jobs drawing and of course she had to compare me to a younger sister who did everything in art class perfectly.
    Yes, I was the person who flunked out of art class.

    • Hey Amy!

      I doodle a little, but can’t draw like either of the girls. They got most of their talent from practicing and being encouraged to do art and some from their father’s mother. She was a pretty talented artist when she was younger. They’re art has always fascinated her.

      AND BOO on the teacher who didn’t have the ability to encourage you to do your own art. You might’ve had a hidden talent she wasn’t smart enough to find!

    • Caren Crane says:

      Amy. loved your interview in the newsletter!

  • Dianna aka Hrdwrkdmom says:

    There are so many types of art, each one just as beautiful as the other. I always wanted, craved the ability to draw and paint but that was not to be. I could however, sew, and sew I did when I was younger, I embroider, cross stitch, crewel, quilt, applique, crochet, and made clothes, pillows, curtains, etc. I worked in a sewing store and several of my pieces were hung and sold from there but one piece I kept for myself and my daughter took with her when she was married was a wall hanging of a Victorian doll house. It was a pre-printed material that was sold in panels to be used for bed spreads and curtains. I cut out just one house and added bits of lace and buttons and ribbons then quilted it. Right now in my house about all I have left are some pillow cases done by my mother and grandmother. My mother did the embroidery and my grandmother crocheted the edges. One in particular has beautiful crochet roses along the edge.

    • Hey Dianna!

      You are so right. I took Lyndsey to a quilt show here in town once. She didn’t want to go, but I told her to think of the quilts as artwork. That changed her whole idea about them…and trust me, some of them were masterpieces!!

  • Barb says:

    Hi Sue

    Love your pictures ….I have pictures on the walls that I have done on my embroidery machine…. there is a vase with native australian flowers and another with a basket of pansies in fact there are 2 of these the other has dog roses in the basket…. another picture has branches with birds sitting on them…I also have wallhangings and lap quilts around…. there are 2 pen and ink drawings that DH has done of pubs in Coventry UK where we lived before we came to Australia I also have things in the cupboard because there is no room on the wall for them lol

    • Hey Barb!

      Okay, I find it fascinating to watch the girls do their art with pen and paper (or pencil and paper), I can’t imagine how you can do that with a machine!! That’s remarkable! Do you free hand it with the machine?

  • pjpuppymom says:

    What talented daughters you have, Suz. and what a talented mother they have!

    I don’t have a lot of artwork hanging in my house at the moment. What I do have displayed are some of my photographs. Anyone who has been with me more than ten minutes knows how much I love my camera. 😉 I’ve never been able to draw but I do love exercise my creativity through my photos.

  • Janga says:

    What a blessing to have such talented daughters, Suzanne!

    I have absolutely no artistic talent, but I have two friends, one a potter and one a photographer, who have given me their work as gifts on several occasions. Another friend is a quilter who made an angel quilt for me, and I also have a “Bon Bon” quilt I treasure that was a retirement gift made for me by a group of online friends . And I have framed some of the grands’ art. The eleven-year-old really is quite good. I proudly display all these.

    • Hey Janga!

      Sounds like you’re into all kinds of tactile and unique forms of art for you home! I love tapestry quilts for walls. My sister-in-law uses hers to help insulate their home, hanging the quilts to cover large areas of wall space! I just love looking at them.

  • Deb says:

    The pictures/drawings of your grandchildren are so wonderful! I especially like the one of Allison’s daughter coloring at the table. Lyndsey is VERY talented.

    I do have some very special paintings in my house. My mother is an artist and she had painted mountain scenes, blue jays on evergreen branches, hummingbirds at a hollyhock, a teapot with flowers, a teapot with a sliced apple, and a 1900s kitchen table. This one is my absolute favorite because it shows a table with a kerosene lamp, a loaf of bread, a bowl of eggs, canned tomatoes, and in the background is a window with lace curtains looking out at a bird in a branch.

    I also have 4 or 5 quilts my mother made. One is maroon, black, and white of the Ohio Star.

    One other painting I have is of a Danish boy and girl sitting on a grassy knoll. I bought it at the Skagen Museum in Denmark, matted it in lavender, and my dad made a frame for it.

    • Hey Deb!

      I knew Lyndsey had a special ability to render what she sees onto paper when she took a thumbnail size picture of the British Isle and drew it to scale on a large piece of posterboard by just looking at it for a school project. She didn’t miss a nook or cranny. She was about 7, I think.

      Wow, your mom’s work sound fabulous! It also sounds like it evokes a simpler, more peaceful time, doesn’t it?

  • Sandyg265 says:

    I have an indan blanket that I picked up at a trading post in Arizona. I had it put on a frame as a wall hanging

    • Hey SandyG!

      How beautiful does that sound! Is it full of southwestern colors? Bright oranges, reds, blues and yellows?

      I would love a quilt like Deb’s Ohio Star or a Native American blanket as a wall hanging for my family room. Hmmmm

  • Connie Fischer says:

    Your daughters are so very talented! Please tell them how much I admire their work!

    My husband is a retired NASA scientist but when he was working, he painted a lot of watercolors, mostly seascapes and landscapes. He would display his work at art shows everywhere and sold quite a few paintings. When we lived in France, he would show his work at some art galleries in Paris and at shows at the American Embassy. He painted the beautiful water scenes of Normandy and Brittany. Just gorgeous areas. While living there, I fell in love with needlepoint replicas of some of the Impressionists painting. I have done two large ones, The Young Girls at the Piano by Renior and The Young Girl who Reads by Fragonard. Other than needlepoint I have no artistic talents at all and struggle at drawing a stickman! 😉

    We also have a good friend who worked as an attorney all of his career and when he retired and moved to Taos, NM, he began painting there. His work is absolutely beautiful and we are honored to have an original of his work hanging on our walls. His name is Bill Hudson.

    When we retired and moved to Florida, my husband decided to give up painting and has moved on to his gem stones and arrowhead collections.

    Our love of art is immense and we have lots of it on our walls. Each painting has a story and we cherish each piece.

    • Hey Connie!

      My husband is a retired NASA scientist but when he was working, he painted a lot of watercolors, mostly seascapes and landscapes. He would display his work at art shows everywhere and sold quite a few paintings. When we lived in France, he would show his work at some art galleries in Paris and at shows at the American Embassy.

      WOW! Being able to paint in France AND show his work in Paris and the Embassy’s art show is fantastic! I bet you have beautiful pieces on your walls to remind you of your time there!

      While living there, I fell in love with needlepoint replicas of some of the Impressionists painting. I have done two large ones, The Young Girls at the Piano by Renior and The Young Girl who Reads by Fragonard. Other than needlepoint I have no artistic talents at all and struggle at drawing a stickman!

      First, I adore Renoir and all the impressionists! (I went to see their work at the New York Museum of Art two years ago. I could’ve spent all day just in that section of the museum. Secondly, if you were able to take those paintings and render them in needlepoint, who CARES if you can draw a stickman!!! LOL

  • catslady says:

    I love your daughter’s artwork and all your pics. I had some talent but never pursued it but my daughter and her boyfriend are artists. My husband and I have collected pieces of art from our early travels and have inherited some from his parents who lived in many countries. We also have artwork from my daughter and her boyfriend. Some were gifts and recently we bought some (a good deal for them since we buy it now it she gets it back some day lol). Unfortunately, I’m running out of wall space!! (and book space lol).

    • Hey Catslady!

      Isn’t it fun to watch your children’s talent grow and blossom?

      Some were gifts and recently we bought some (a good deal for them since we buy it now it she gets it back some day lol). OMG, I never thought of that! Hmmm, might have to buy more!

  • Cassondra says:

    Suz, what a FANTASTIC blog! And can I just say, that one of my dreams is to have a review of my book from our beloved Helen! I can’t think of anything that would thrill me more than to have Helen think my book is a good read.

    As to the art–you are a lucky lady, to have two artists to provide original art work for your home. I have to say, that the pic of Alison’s daughter left me speechless. I just sat and stared at it for a while. What a gift both of your daughters have.

    At the moment, I have zero art work on the walls of my house. Because we’re still working on said walls. I don’t know when we’ll be done.

    But I don’t tend to buy framed art to hang, because I have art that means something to me…art that I have done, or things people have given me. I have a ton of paintings and drawings to have framed from the days when I did art. Nothing as fabulous as your girls’ work, but it’s amazing how a simple piece takes on importance when you mat and frame it.

    I have watercolors I’ve done in recent years that I want to hang at some point, and I have photos that both Steve and I have taken–mine are mostly black and white, since that’s the medium I love, and his are brilliant abstract color shots. Maybe some day I’ll have to show y’all the shots he takes here on the blog. He’s very good.

    I have two things I’ve saved for years, that I want to get matted and framed to hang as art. One will go in my office–it’s a picture I drew in either first or second grade. It’s of me at a grand piano, with a big smile on my face, playing to a huge crowd of people. I’d completely forgotten it, hadn’t thought of it since I drew it, probably, but found it when we cleaned out some stuff from my mom’s attic. It’s drawn in crayon on one of those old manila paper sheets.

    The other is a recipe for a fruit salad–my favorite fruit salad ever–in my mom’s handwriting on a sheet of notebook paper. It’s not beautiful, but I want that for my kitchen. That salad is the thing I remember her always taking to potlucks or family get togethers, and it sort of “represents my mom” to me. That probably sounds crazy, but when I think of that salad, I think of her.

    Nowadays, I don’t buy art for the walls. I frame and hang things that mean something to me. I love it that you do the same.

    • Hey Cassondra!

      Thanks. We’ve talked many times about your artwork and my daughters’ work. I hope you get those walls finished soon so you can get your paintings and photos up! I bet you’ll be like me and just walk around studying them!!

      I love the fruit salad recipe you’ve framed and hung. I’ve considered framing one of my grandmother’s letters, with the envelope in the corner, just to keep as a remembrance. I might have to just do that!

      • Cassondra says:

        OH, I would SO do that! Frame that letter!

        There’s something about that recipe in my mom’s handwriting that just pushes all my buttons and makes me feel warm all over.

  • Heathercm2001 says:

    Absolutely beautiful! You are all very talented!

    I don’t really draw or paint, but I do different crafts in my spare time. I have some stained glass projects hanging in my window. My favorite is one of my dog. It was the first one I did myself, design and all. I have some wreaths made from fresh plants throughout the house. I’ve done those at classes with friends. There’s also scrapbooking, and I’d like to delve more into quilting.

    • Hey Heather!

      Crafts are a wonderful medium for showing off your artistic side! And WOW on the stained glass!! That takes so much time and patience. I bet it’s just beautiful.

  • Joan Kayse says:

    Sorry to be late to the show..the art show!

    You have AMAZING children! Wow, I’m just blown away!

    That cross stitch piece? My Mama did that along with one that I have on my living room wall. It’s of a little brown haired girl picking up seashells on the beach. My Mom did not like to do “runs” of one color…she did EACH color in a horizontal line for it! And it is one of those pieces full of shading!

    But I cherish it.

    • Hey Joanie!

      Your mom really did love to cross stitch if she did it one stitch at a time. Before I really started focusing on writing, I used to cross-stitch daily, but I loved doing long runs of colors! There are a few pieces I’d love to put up, but haven’t gotten around to it, yet!

  • Suz, sorry I’m so late to the party. What a fabulous collection of family art you have!

    We have several cross-stitch pieces made for us by friend and a couple of 19th century fashion plates, framed, that belonged to my grandmother. I have pictures by the boy from various stages of his life.

    There are several posters or prints I would like to get framed and hung, as they’re doing nothing for me tucked between two pieces of cardboard. I need to rearrange things, take down some contest certificates and put up things like a cool swamp print I got in New Orleans when I hoped Renegade would sell and the pictures I bought (and some I took) at the Okefenokee after it did.

    First, framing! Then I can decide where things go.

  • Caren Crane says:

    Suz, what GORGEOUS artwork you have! I am amazed at the talent in your family. What creative wonders they are!

    I do have a few artistic things in my home. One is a watercolor done by a friend I used to work with. She is an amazing artist and a mutual friend gifted it to me for Christmas a few years back.

    I also have a chalk drawing my oldest sister (who is an artist) drew many years ago and had matted and framed for me. I have an ink drawing she did of me holding my newborn son (many years ago) that she did from a photograph. I looked as great as all mothers of one-week-olds look, but was sitting outside on the deck, holding him in the early morning. It is a great picture.

    Then there is a matted, framed photograph the same sister gave me that she took of same son holding his three-day-old sister, my middle child. It is that daughter’s favorite and mine, too!

    I have a framed cross stitch sampler my younger sister made for me to commemorate my wedding. It always makes me smile!

    I did a number of HUGE samplers when I was a teenager. Those are all at my mother’s house, framed and proudly displayed. Like you, Suse, cross stitch and needle point are my only artistic endeavors! Well, except for the ceramic Santas and wooden Christmas tree ornaments I painted. Not sure those count, though! 😀